Setting Free

Thursday, October 6, 2011

He raised his hand to hit maa again
Sitting in a corner, it seemed darker than it was
Setting free a storm, my rage and inner rain
I jumped, tore him apart with my adolescent paws

I suffered his cruelty, a lesser wage everyday
Worked harder than a labourer, because I was
So I snatched his unjust prosperity and ran to the bay
For more meals and sins for my tarnished jaws

I didn’t expect life to be dreamlike so soon
She was beautiful, charismatic, carefree like me
We used to walk for miles and lay silently under the moon
But I had to let her go, for me, by setting her free

Lands and cars and ample lush in my pockets
Today, I have everything I wanted, I do
Even unwanted guns, missiles and rockets
But what I don’t have is peace, pride and you

It’s funny how I am still trying, trying to set free
From this loneliness, regret and shameful me
That’s what I need, not wealth, land or sea
I need some help setting free from me.

I need some help setting free… from me.

- Adarsh Munjal
[6th October, 2011]

The State of My Fate

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Returning home filled with joy
Holding that honor up close
I was jumping around like a toy
Chanting those expressions of prose

The stage was glorifying, so was I
Anxious, teary, conceited and famed
Standing there wordlessly, I try
To thank, and acknowledge being named

“Upbringing four, bordered by grime
Maa died soon, separating the rest
Convincingly I indulged in crime
Wrecking the right, failing the test

I chose what she mumbled on her deathbed
Clutching those words to decontaminate
‘Destiny is choice, son; not chance.’ she said
And I laugh, upon the state of my fate”

While sitting on the couch I stare, I pry
What an irony for this memento to fray
I wish it wasn’t true, particularly the wry
“Well played, well played indeed.” I say

And I laugh again, upon the state of my fate.

Speed Deed

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kicking into a rising rage
Striding under those glistening rays
A frigid storm shivers my cage
And I hustle in many, many ways

Speed conquers us, additionally me
Racing across that preventable spree
Influencing dual momentum, I see
Is it me, us, or is it thee?

Letting the cage loosen today
Shrieking into wind’s serenity
Streets on hills, heaps and the bay
Fuming and firing, oh what a pity

Melody sways along every turn
Lyrics add grief to mood’s play
Burn a li’l more beloved fury, burn
Time for my speed deed, I say

Letting my arms free into the air
Overcoming speed prevails its cause
I collide, I realize, I pity, I bare
As I lay there and I hit pause

And I hit pause.

- Adarsh Munjal
[13th February, 2010]

Lost Love Dire

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tossing down flowers on the aisle
She looks at me with trusted glee
Oh adorable sinned juvenile
I wish you knew, but so not he

I was young and blooded then
Topping felony with another
Confessions were bedridden
And I was gone far, far, further

Returned with sacred insanity
Continued the tale of misery
All I had was culpability
Sulk, sorrow, self-pity

Lonesome gruesome decade
I tried exploring a career and me
Shaken steps towards your escapade
Not mere guilt, but you, soulful thee

Still unsure, unholy, unfaithful
I, lucky to find you, alas not he
Following was obvious yet dreadful
Unsustainable enough to renovate, to see

Accepting this final redundant bond
Still clueless, still vile, but so free
Grasping consciousness, I sit by the fire
Forgetting, forgiving our lost love dire.

Our lost love dire.

Needs V/S Wants

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get your needs and wants right.
When your wants meet your needs, it's worthy.
Vice versa, it's going to be unnecessary, temporary and hurtful.

You might want it, but not need it.
Not one bit.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Up she goes, down she comes
Giggling aloud while she’d sway
Battered by my envy, she stumbles
Maa shrieks, I lie, a guilty day

Beginning to indulge in enticing sins
Puffing all the pressure by peer
As the hour dies, I write nothing
Paa enquires, I lie, a guilty year

When love turned to pitiful fate
Serene and unjust, it did fade
Dusting out those letters of deceit
Jaan weeps, I lie, a guilty decade

Sinking solitude into history’s dire
I bought bullets and its prior
“You’re gonna be fine, Dad” She called
I nod, I lie, a guilty fire

Uttering few lifeless words
I grasp upon an unknown shoulder
“Welcome to paradise, Shorty”
I try, I can’t, I let go of my moulder

I sincerely let go of my decaying moulder.
And I lie there forever.

- Adarsh Munjal
[5th November, 2009]

My life according to Coldplay.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I took this quiz on Facebook recently and found the outcome interesting.
Thus, posting it here.

Using song names by ONE ARTIST ONLY, cleverly answer these questions.

Pick Your Artist:

Are you a male or female?

Describe yourself:
Bigger stronger

How do you feel:

Describe where you currently live:
In my place

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Violet Hill

Your favorite form of transportation:
Strawberry Swing

Your best friend is:
The Scientist

What's the weather like:

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Life in Technicolor

What is life to you:

Your current relationship:
A rush of blood to the head

Breaking up:
The Hardest Part

Looking for:

Wouldn’t mind:

Your fear:
Cemeteries of London

What is the best advice you have to give:
God put a smile upon your face

If you could change your name, you would change it to:
A message (Sandesh - if it's ought to be an Indian name. LOL. :P)

Thought for the Day:
"Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground"

How would I love To Die :

My motto:
Viva la Vida (Live the life)

- Adarsh Munjal